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Post Super Bowl Thoughts

First off I would like to say that I, like many other Americans, was very disappointed in the halftime show and even moreso in the national anthem. Both were absolutely atrocious and I have become even more disappointed in Jerry Jones after Super Bowl XLV. Also, although the displacement of hundreds of fans was also disappointing, I think that it was mostly handled pretty well, which kind of surprised me. I agree with the idea for those fans to be paid three times the face value of their tickets and also to be given tickets to next year's Super Bowl. I still feel a lot of sympathy for those fans, mainly those that were Packers and Steelers fans since the odds of the exact same two teams will meet in the Super Bowl for two consecutive years are highly unlikely. Although by far not the best Super Bowl I've seen, it was still pretty good. I would also like to say, completely without bias (and I'm sure many people would agree with me), that the Green Bay Packers won that game because, although the final score was close, they were in control for most of the game and were able to keep playing hard even when two (three if you include Sam Shields since he was out for a while) great players were injured. Obviously the most obvious factors in the Packers victory were the following:
1. Turnovers- Obviously there is no denying that this was the most important factor in the Super Bowl this year. Steelers- 3 turnovers, Packers- 0 turnovers. Also, the Packers scored three touchdowns off of those three turnovers, so I think it's safe to say that the outcome of the game would probably have been drastically different if it weren't for Green Bay forcing those turnovers.
2. Aaron Rodgers- Rodgers played very well and had probably the best Super Bowl performance by a quarterback in recent memory. Green Bay hardly ran the ball at all (50 rushing yards total, essentially all of them by James Starks) so they weight of the games was really put on the back of Aaron Rodgers and his receivers. For the most part Rodgers and his receivers were able to connect (Jordy Nelson had some noticeable drops but in my opinion still had a pretty good game). Rodgers finished the game with 304 passing yards, 3 touchdowns, and the prestigious award of Super Bowl MVP.
3. Ben Roethlisburger- CHOKE. Big Ben who should have had the upper hand out of these two QBs (he's won the two Super Bowls that he's appeared in after all) however, when given the opportunity to lead his team in a two-minute drill to score and potentially, assuming the extra point is good, win the game. Roethlisburger has previously shown that he can play well in the final minutes of games (see Super Bowl XLIII) and his performance in the last moments of Super Bowl XLV were rather disappointing (he was almost picked off on the drive's final play).
Thus, this wraps up my post-Super Bowl analysis

I would however, like to add a somewhat irrevelevant sidenote: I would just like to give a shoutout to Bobby "Bird" Mulligan. He is an outstanding WR and runner and definately has a successful future ahead of him. Fly on Bird.
Posted on: October 25, 2010 9:23 pm

Heat...Maybe not #1 Team

This July, one man's decision caused great tumult in the National Basketball Association. That man was LeBron James who decided to join fellow NBA icon Dwyane Wade and also, down the line, skilled PF, Chris Bosh. They also have some alright returning players like Udonis Haslem and Mario Chalmers. However, other than those two (and maybe Eddie House if he shoots well) there isn't a whole lot of bench support on this team. Although that is probably the most obvious reason however I think having two many stars might (although it is quite a far-flung idea) might be more of an obstruction than a benefit. They could kind of cancel each other out. [As a sidenote I would strongly caution Fantasy Basketball participants against drafting James, Wade, and Bosh as highly as they've been drafted the past couple of years because of that possible cancellation effect]. Although very few people actually care about the preseason, and D-Wade hasn't really been that healthy, there record is still pretty lackluster. Now I'm not saying that they will finish fifteenth or anything, just that they might not win a championship this year like some people predict...maybe not even next year or the year after. You still have to take into consideration teams like the Lakers, Magic, Thunder, and not to mention the Boston Celtics who made some pretty good offseason moves. I think before the Heat win any championships they need to work on getting a little bit more defensive help (Bosh can't do it all) and most importantly need to learn how to flow smoothly as a team (the Lakers are a good example of this) and that won't necessarily come overnight.
Posted on: October 13, 2010 5:13 pm

The Unpredictable NFL

Although it is still early on in the season, it is currently almost impossible to tell who's really good. Teams that I would have never guessed to win more than three games this season are leading their divisions. There just really are no clear frontrunning teams this season(they all have at least one loss now). To prove my point I'm going to go ahead and list the division leaders of this season:
TEAM:          Washington     Chicago         Atlanta            Arizona         NY Jets         Baltimore        Houston       Kansas City
RECORD:           3-2                  4-1                     4-1                 3-2                4-1              4-1                  3-2                 3-1
Of these eight teams, three of them had losing records and only one of them had more than nine wins last year. On the flipside, if you look at last years division leaders, four of them have losing records this year. In addition, only one of last year's division leaders is the leader this year. It's not just the fact that this year several teams that did poorly last year suddenly stepped it up and are having better seasons this year, it's that even these current leaders can have some shocking games. For instance, the Arizona Cardinals, leader of the NFC West, got blown out by a pretty good-looking Atlanta team but also by a struggling Chargers team. San Diego, who was the favorite of most people to win the AFC West, currently has a losing record. They followed up that blowout win over the Cardinals win a loss the the Oakland Raiders, a team that has noticeably struggled for several seasons now. Ironically, the Raiders lost to Arizona, the team that San Diego destroyed. This is just one of several examples of bizarre patterns occuring in the NFL this year. One has to wonder why the NFL is so arbitrary this year. However, the upside to this is that you can pretty much count on that week after week, every game will most likely be suspenseful, entertaining, surprising, and mainly...unpredictable.

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Posted on: September 28, 2010 9:15 pm

And the #1 team in the NFC is...the Bears?

Of all the NFC teams that people would have predicted to be 3-0 right now, I don't think very many serious, unbiased people would have said the Chicago Bears. The Bears have probably surprised a lot of people so far this season causing many to jump on the bandwagon and others to say that their wins have been nothing but flukes. Personally, I too was unsure about how the Bears would do later in the season against tougher opponents. Incidentally, they played probably the toughest team on their schedule, the Green Bay Packers, on Monday night football for week 3 and I didn't think that there could be a better way to analyze the Bears then after their performance in that game. Honestly, I thought that the game would be a tough defensive battle but with the Packers edging out the Bears in the end with great quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the great receivers he's surronded by. Well in the end, the game was pretty much decided, not by defense as I had originally thought, but by special teams (Hester's 62-yard PR and Gould's game-winning kick with 0:04 left in the game) with the Bears edging out the Packers, the opposite of what I had predicted. Looking at their other two games, the Bears have aren't looking like they will go undefeated for the entire season (the Bears have won by only an average of 5 points); however, they do look pretty good so far. As for possibly going to the super bowl...well I don't think so. I think teams like Green Bay (even though they just lost to Chicago) and New Orleans will have a better chance at getting to the big game. Why, because I don't think Chicago is completely performing like a championship-bound team (even though they are winning). There are several reasons: Too many close games, a very poor running game (29th overall) and a 28th overall pass defense are the main weaknesses of this team. The do have some strong aspects though: A 5th ranked passing game and the #1 run defense, not to mention that they could even potentially continue to go undefeated until week 10 or even 12 due to a schedule full of very "beatable" teams. One thing is for sure, the Bears have definately started to lift themselves out of the slump they've been in ever since losing the super bowl.
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Posted on: September 19, 2010 10:21 am

Why Bob, Why

I'm sure pretty much everyone who has paid some attention to football news in the past week has probably heard about Bob Sanders' latest injury, a torn right biceps, which as shocking as it might seem, could end his season again. Now I have nothing personally against Bob Sanders and I even hold him in somewhat high regard as he is very good at what he does until he inevitably gets injured. As much as I might like Bob Sanders, I desperately think that the Colts need to get rid of him, but it might be too late to get something out of a trade for him. Yes, that's right, I think Bob Sanders should have already been gone. I've been preaching to get rid of him (preferably via trade) for the past few years now. I'm amazed that the Colts organization, who have made several good decisions in their methods of dealing with some of the players in the past, haven't realized the impending predicament of one injury-prone safety. In actuality, I don't think that the Colts were ignorant about this, but it probably goes back to the whole "it might hurt his feelings, and we don't want to do that because he's been so good for us before" factor. But as moral as that might be you have to know when to move on eventually and now the Colts need to move on...without Bob. In his seven-year career with the Colts he has missed more games (49) than games he's actually played in (48) and only in two seasons has he played over six games (2005-14, 2007-15). As I have made very clear by now I really wish Sanders would have been traded a couple of years ago when they could have still probably gotten something out of him because now I can't think of many teams that would be willing to take a chance on him and those that would most likely wouldn't give much for him in return. Here are my main reasons why Bob Sanders should have been traded:
1. Melvin Bullitt is almost just as good as Sanders (actually probably better since he's shown he can go through a season without getting injured) and could probably be a starter on several other teams
2. The Colts have had significant trouble stopping the run for a while now (as evidenced by Arian Foster's record-breaking performance) and yes Bob Sanders was good at stopping the run, but where was he for the majority of the game last Sunday while the Colts D was getting annihilated, oh yeah he was injured again. Therefore, a couple of years ago when this trend was becoming apparent, the Colts should have tried trading him for a good run-stopping linebacker or interior D-linemen (the position of safety could be covered by Bullitt)
3. $$$$$-On December 28, 2007, Sanders was signed to a 5 year, $37.5 million contract with $20 million guaranteed. This conract made him the highest paid safety in the history of the NFL. I could only imagine what the Colts could have done with the money instead of wasting it on someone who would only play nine games over the next three seasons.
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